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My Boy! - GBA Emulator has been one of the top-rated emulators on Android. This app is optimized for various Android version and is now available to download on Pokemon Rom Wolrd. This is by far the only emulator that supports link cable emulation with decent speed.
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What's new


  • Excellent link cable support
  • Use the phone's vibrator to make effects, increase the excitement of playing games
  • OpenGL rendering for backend drawing
  • Quick save game with screenshot


  • There is a slight lag when using the functions in the controller
  • No trial allowed, can only buy for 4.5$


If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile GBA emulator for your Android device, My Boy! is a great option to consider. With its support for most ROMs and handy features like cheat codes and controller support, it’s no wonder it’s a top-rated emulator.

But what really sets My Boy! – GBA Emulator apart is its Link Cable feature, which allows you to connect with other players and play multiplayer games over WiFi or Bluetooth. This feature is especially useful for games like Pokemon where trading and battling with other players is a key part of the experience.

In addition to its Link Cable feature, My Boy! also offers the ability to slow down the game for tricky parts or speed it up when you’re in a rush. And with support for various controllers, you can customize your gaming experience to your preferences.

Overall, My Boy! is a reliable and versatile GBA emulator that provides a great gaming experience for Android users.



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