What is Legendary Pokemon? Characteristics and classification of Legendary Pokemon

If you want to win the game, first, you need to understand the Pokemon species, especially all the Legendary Pokemon. So what is Legendary Pokemon? How to capture a legendary Pokemon?

In this article, Pokemon Rom World will help you to find out what Legendary Pokemon is!

What is Legendary Pokemon?

What is Legendary Pokemon

  • Legendary Pokemon ( (Japanese: 伝説のポケモン) are the most advanced creatures in the Pokemon game world. They not only have a different shape, and extraordinary strength, but some species also have rare special abilities.
  • Finding Legendary Pokemon is difficult, how to catch them is even more difficult. Many trainers have assumed that the reality is that Legendary Pokemon choose us, not us, picking and catching them.
  • Legendary Pokemon can be evolved from normal species (with extremely different conditions and elements) or a completely different species.
  • Since its launch, the number of Pokemon worldwide is estimated at about 1000 species, of which there are around 100 different types of legendary Pokemon.

How to identify the legendary Pokemon?

There are no explicit criteria that define what makes a Pokemon a Legendary Pokemon. Instead, the only way to identify a Pokemon as belonging to this group is through official media statements from The Pokemon Company in their games, manga, or anime.

In the history of the games and in the anime, declarations of legendary Pokemon are made by Pokemon Researchers, who then disseminate them to reporters, who finally mention their stories and appearances in newspapers, magazines, and television programs in the Pokemon world, popularizing the legends of these little monsters.

Features of Legendary Pokemon

  • Legendary Pokemon has many different species, each with its own characteristics and strengths.
  • Legendary Pokemon may not belong to a single system, nor do they depend on gender characteristics, which also means that all concepts of countering Pokemon types are almost meaningless to them.
  • Legendary Pokemon often play an important role in the world or its surroundings.
  • Legendary Pokemon, like regular Pokemon, are also divided and rated according to GEN strength.
  • Each Gen will usually spawn a Legendary Pokemon in a set (duo or trio). These Pokemon sets are not necessarily of the same species or of the same type.

It is for the above reasons that, for gamers who play these action games, owning at least one Legendary Pokemon is not only luck, but it is also a sign of the player’s bravery and strength. as their reputation in this game world. And if you are interested, then here is a list of Legendary Pokemon for your reference!

Classification of Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon, if divided into large groups, can be divided into 3 main groups, which are:

  1. Legendary Pokemon
  2. Mythical Pokemon
  3. Ultra Beasts

Legendary Pokemon

Extremely Rare Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon (伝説のポケモンDensetsu no Pokemon or Pokemon IllusionsPhantom Pokemon) is one of the extremely rare Pokemon and only 1 individual exists.

They are often associated with myths, creation, or destruction. Besides, Legendary Pokemon often confront each other, representing the elements in nature, forming a balance to help maintain all things.

Due to such supreme abilities and power of Legendary Pokemon, they are often the target for organizations wishing to possess the powers of these Pokemon. These organizations are for bad purposes to annex the world in Pokemon books or movies in particular and the Pokemon world in general.

Mythical Pokemon

Mythical Pokemon

Mythical Pokemon (幻のポケモン Maboroshi no Pokemon) or Mirage Pokemon are special Pokemon, very rarely seen by anyone in the Pokemon world. Some Mythical Pokemon are so rare that it seems unlikely that they even exist. It’s like they only live in oral stories or anecdotes, forcing professors to spend a lot of research and searching.

Besides the name Mythical Pokemon, in Pokemon games in general, they are also known as Event-exclusive Pokemon. These Pokemon are never found in the usual ways; The only way to get them in the game is through events created by Nintendo around the world.

Compared to Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon, although somewhat lower in strength, is much higher in rarity. It can be said that, among the “Legendary Pokemon”, Mythical Pokemon is the most special species.

Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts (ウルトラビースト Utorabisuto) or Extradimensional Pokemon are new Pokemon introduced in gen 7, originating from Ultra Space. The Ultra Beasts surpass all human understanding of Pokemon in particular and the world in general.

The Legendary Pokemon Ultra Beasts are especially mysterious and unpredictable, their information and abilities surpassing human understanding of Pokemon.

Ultra Beasts are found in Ultra Wormholes in the land of Alola (gen 7). All Ultra Beasts possess the Ability Beast Boost. This ability is due to the amount of energy left over when they pass through the Ultra Wormholes to this world. Helps Ultra Beasts increase in strength over time in battle.

Similar to Legendary or Mythical Pokemon, Ultra Beasts all possess quite equal strength, besides their unique abilities, and it is not easy to find them in the wild. Unable to catch them using regular Po kéballs, there are currently only 2 types of balls that have the ability to be Beast Ball and Master Ball.

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