Pokemon GOFSP

Hey there! If you're a fan of Pokemon, you won't want to miss out on Pokemon GOFSP! It's an awesome GBA ROM Hack created by NKC and Prankster Espurr, and it's based on the classic game Pokemon Fire Red. This new rom hack takes the adventure to the next level, with new challenges and exciting features that will keep you hooked for hours on end! Best of all, it's now available for download, so you can jump right into the action. The most recent update was on March 3, 2022, so it's fresh and up-to-date. Don't wait - head over to Pokemonromworld.com and start your journey with Pokemon GOFSP today!
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ROM Information

  • Creator: NKC & Prankster Espurr
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: March 3, 2022

What's new

  • Added 194 Pokemon from generations 1-8, including fusions, references, and alternate forms. Catch 'em all!
  • Added new attacks and some attacks from the newer generations to keep battles fresh.
  • Updated mechanics to include the Fairy type, Special/Physical split, and reusable TMs for a more modern gameplay experience.
  • Removed evolution by trade and replaced it with evolution by level or stone to make it more convenient for players.
  • Buffed some weaker Pokemon to make them more viable in battles.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the blue part of the menu screen that was causing confusion for players.
  • Implemented a new feature where using TMs on Pokemon with only three moves or less will cause the old move to disappear, allowing for easier management of movesets.
  • Adjusted base power and accuracy of old attacks to Gen 7 values for better balance.
  • Made changes to NPC Braxton's Pokemon behavior so that they now act as if they are from the Safari Zone.
  • Overall, improved the gameplay experience to provide a more enjoyable and engaging Pokemon adventure!


Basically, Pokemon GOFSP Rom is a tribute to a pokémon story that we created between 2020-2022, I (NKC) did the graphics (custom sprites for pokemon) while he took care of the technical part (move sets and programming in general) also had another involved that was Pedro, he who tested the hack during development In addition to having helped with the programming.
Pokemon GOFSP Rom is more than just a ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red – it’s a tribute to a creative and imaginative Pokemon story that was crafted between 2020 and 2022. The talented team behind this ROM hack includes NKC, who created custom sprites for the Pokemon, and their partner who took care of the technical side of things, including move sets and programming.

But the team didn’t stop there – they also had Pedro, who helped test the hack during development and even lent a hand with programming. All three of them worked tirelessly to create a ROM hack that not only pays homage to their story but also provides a fresh and exciting new way to experience the world of Pokemon.

The attention to detail and creativity that went into the creation of Pokemon GOFSP Rom is evident in every aspect of the game. From the beautifully crafted custom sprites to the refined gameplay and engaging storyline, it’s clear that this ROM hack was a labor of love.

So if you’re looking for a new and unique way to experience the world of Pokemon, be sure to check out Pokemon GOFSP Rom. With its dedication to a heartfelt Pokemon story and its top-notch gameplay and graphics, it’s a ROM hack that is sure to delight fans of the franchise.


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