What is Shiny Pokemon? How to increase Shiny Pokemon encounter rate?

Shiny Pokemon is the dream and passion of all Pokemon fans around the world. Shiny Pokemon is not stronger than normal Pokemon of the same type. However, the special feature here is that Shiny Pokemon is extremely rare and difficult to find. In this post, Pokemon Rom World will tell you what Shiny Pokemon is and ways to increase the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon.

What is Pokemon Shiny
What is Pokemon Shiny

About Shiny Pokemon

What is Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon (光 る ポ ケ モ ン – Hikaru Pokemon or 色 違 い ポ ケ モ ン – Irochigai Pokemon) are Pokemon that have a different color than the normal version although they have no difference in stats. Shiny Pokemon have been introduced since Generation II (Gen II) in Gold and Silver colors, where the first Shiny Pokemon introduced was Red Gyarados.

Shiny Pokemon are considered very rare. The term “Shiny” refers to the difference in color, sparkle, and sound effects when Pokemon enter battle. The term was originally a fan name before Gen V. However, it became so popular that the term later became official and Pokedex started using the term itself and cataloging it. Shiny Pokemon.

The color change can occur anywhere on the Pokemon’s body and is usually very noticeable. Some Shiny Pokemon have a very similar appearance to their normal versions.

Let’s say in matters of greater strength, none. Shiny Pokémon are rare for aesthetic reasons only, so they have a different coloring than their original nature. But in matters of strength, it is not changed at all.

Where can you find Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon encounter rate is very low
Shiny Pokemon encounter rate is very low

Starting in Gen II, each Pokemon will be randomly assigned 5 integers between 0 and 15 to determine their base stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Speed). If all 5 numbers are equal to 10, the Pokemon’s palette will be set to 0.

Shiny encounter base rate in Generations II, III, IV, V: 1/8192
Shiny encounter base rate in Generations VI and VII: 1/4096

The chance of seeing a Shiny Pokemon is 1 in every 8192, or 0.01220703125% probability in each encounter. From Gen III onwards, Shiny Pokemon are determined by other factors such as that Pokemon’s Trainer ID number and personality. Despite this change, the random chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon is still 1 in 8192. For Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, players can obtain a Shiny Charm to greatly increase their chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, there are two variations of Shiny Pokemon: one sparkles with stars, and one sparkles with squares. These two different lights do not give any effect on the Pokemon, but show how the player encountered them. A Shiny Pokemon that shines the stars has been encountered by the player in the underworld while a Shiny Pokemon that shines the squares has been encountered by the player through a random encounter.

Shiny Rates in Pokémon GO

The Shiny Rate for Pokémon GO was originally intended to be determined based on species. The theory, proposed in September 2018, was that Shiny’s rate was constant across all encounter methods (e.g., wild spawns, raids, or field research). However, the January 2020 incident where Niantic acknowledged that Alolan Vulpix’s Shiny was available through eggs but not through field research seems to have proven the original theory wrong.

Additionally, there was a lack of Shiny Scyther reports in September 2019 to December 2019 Field Survey, except for the Evolution Week event from December 5th to 12th, and also a lack of Shiny Sneasel reports in the Field Survey field from January 2020.

Method to increase the chance of getting Shiny Pokemon

There are a number of different methods to increase the chances of earning Shiny Pokemon players can apply. However, the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon is still extremely low, and to catch a Shiny Pokemon, players will have to repeat the operation thousands of times.

Breeding method

Method of Breeding
Method of Breeding

In Gen II, crossbreeding with a Shiny Pokemon can increase the chance of generating a Shiny Pokemon by up to 1 in 64.

However, this only works if the children are of a different gender than the Shiny parents. An exception to this is if the player owns a Shiny Ditto, which can be crossed with almost any Pokemon.

Chaining method

This method uses Pokeradar in the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X, and Y versions to find and encounter similar Pokemon. Here are some tips when applying this method (except Gen VI):

If the bush just shakes, it’s a Sinnoh-type Pokemon.

  • If the bush is shaking white, it might not be a native Pokemon
  • Never use Pokeradar in water, caves, or tall grass
  • The probability of finding a Shiny Pokemon increases as the chain increases, up to a maximum of 40
  • Sparkling grass around is a sign that a Shiny Pokemon is in that bush

For Gen VI games, specifically Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, threading has been made much easier thanks to the DexNav app on PokéNav+. Using the DexNav function, the player can see which Pokemon is in a patch of grass without having to risk encountering it. Likewise, banishing the Pokemon with DexNav (which means not catching it) also helps to not break the chain.

Masuda Method

Shiny Masuda Method
Shiny Masuda Method

To use this method, one has to breed two Pokemon from games in different languages. Using this method improves the hatching rate of a Shiny Pokemon from 1/8192 to 1/2048 or 1/1365.3.

This method is used in Gen IV or Gen V. This method is the brainchild of Junichi Masuda, director of GameFreak.

Cute Charm Glitch

If the first Pokemon in your party has the “Cute Charm” skill, you’ll be more likely to encounter a Pokemon of the opposite sex of the first Pokemon in the party. This ability will change the player’s ID and SID (Secret ID), giving them a higher chance of randomly encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

If the player has a very low certain ID or SID number, Cute Charm Glitch will change it to an unknown number, obfuscating the player’s ID and SID and the wild Pokemon around the player, allowing increases the odds to 21% for a chance to meet Shiny Pokemon than just 1/8192.

Game Reset Method

This is an easy enough (but often time-consuming) method suitable for catching beginner Pokemon and most Legendary Pokemon. Basically, this method is used when standing in front of a Legendary Pokemon that the player character will catch or a starter Pokemon that they will catch and save.

If one doesn’t get Shiny Pokemon when getting Starter Pokemon or fighting Legendary Pokemon, reset the game by pressing A + B + Start + Select on GBA, L + R + Start + Select on DS, and L + R + Starts on the 3DS. This method can often require more than 1000 resets before getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Ultra Wormhole Method

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player can enter the Ultra Wormhole located in the Altar of Sunne/Moone and play the mini-game Wormhole Running.

As the player crosses over 3,000 light years, the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon increase. The highest chance a player can achieve of finding a Shiny Pokemon occurs when exceeding 5,000 Light Years and finding a Type 4 wormhole. The odds are as high as 36%.

Furthermore, the rarity of Shiny Pokemon is determined when the player lands on Ultra Space Wilds. As a result, players can save the game before encountering a Pokemon and can reset it multiple times to get a better Shiny Pokemon, while also ensuring that they can catch the Pokemon again in case it is accidentally dropped. defeated in battle.

There are 19 Pokemon that can be encountered in Shiny form through this method: Crustle, Heliolisk, Swellow, Hippowdon, Nuzleaf, Audino, Sigilyph, Swanna, Altaria, Medicham, Drapion, Quagsire, Lombre, Grumpig, Floatzel, Magcargo, Stunfisk, Yanmega and Abomasnow.

Note: Even a player with a Shiny Charm does not increase the Shiny Pokemon spawn rate of this method, as the Shiny Pokemon spawn rate for this method is calculated separately.

Shiny Chain Method

Shiny Chain Method
Shiny Chain Method

In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, players can initiate a catch sequence if they catch the same Pokemon more than once. To start a chain, the player must repeatedly catch the same Pokemon over and over again without catching any other species (For example, if the player catches 5 Weedles in a row and catches nothing else, they will have a catch sequence. 5 on Weedle).

Note that other evolutions or pre-evolutions of a Pokemon species do not count like that (If the player catches 5 Ekans and then catches an Arbok, the chain will be broken and you will have to start over).

If you catch more than 31 of the same type, the Shiny Pokemon’s rarity will not drop any lower, as the highest the Catch Chain can reach while also modifying the rarity is 31. The bigger the catch Chain, the more you get. are more likely to encounter Shiny Pokemon. If you have an active Lure or a Shiny Charm (or both), your chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon increase. With the Shiny Charm, 31 catch chains, and Lure, the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon increases to 1 in 273 chance.

Shiny Pokemon in the story

Several Shiny Pokemon in the game appear as part of the main storyline in some Pokemon versions.

Red Gyarados appears in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver versions, as part of the story, and can be captured in the same way as most Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon Crystal, the player can get an Odd Egg from the Day Care Center and that egg has a higher chance of hatching a Shiny Pokemon. However, this is only true in Japan as Odd Egg has a 50% chance for Shiny and all other games have a 14% chance for Shiny. In the GBC versions of the Gen 2 game, you’ll occasionally encounter a Shiny Chansey in the Battle Tower.

In FireRed and LeafGreen, a Trainer with a shiny Espeon can fight inside the Training Tower on one of the Sevii Islands. There are also other trainers who own Shiny Meowth and Shiny Seaking.

In Black and White 2, the player can capture Shiny Haxorus in the backstory, after the player completes the National Pokedex. Players can also get Shiny Gible in Black 2 and Shiny Dratini in White 2.

In Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after becoming a Champion, a man in the Pokemon Center of Seafolk Village will battle the player’s character with his Shiny Exeggcute.

So you understand what Shiny Pokemon is and how to increase the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon. Owning a Shiny Pokemon is the dream of all Pokemon fans around the world. If you are also a Pokemon fan, then patiently try the methods shared in Pokemonromworld.com’s article to increase the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon.

Good luck meeting Shiny Pokemon!


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