What is EV, IV in Pokemon? Learn now to become a stronger Pokemon trainer!

For those of you who are playing Pokémon for the first time, perhaps the concept of what Pokemon IV is, and what Pokemon EV is is relatively vague and easy to confuse. Many of you will wonder why the same Pokemon, the same Level but the opponent Pokemon are stronger than your own, let’s find out what Pokemon EV and IV are in the Pokemon Game with Pokemon ROM World!

Pokemon EVs and IVs

What is IV in Pokemon?

All Pokemon’s stats like Speed, Attack have a unique value that affects them, that value is called Individual Strength or Individual Value (IV). Pokemon’s IVs will range from 0 to 31.

1 IV = 1 Stat

Pokemon’s IVs are usually random and cannot be changed.

Pokemon IVs

You capture two Pikachu in the woods, both have the same level, same sex, and only change their nature (or not), are they the same? The answer is No. With IV Attack 31, a Pokemon will have 31 more Attack than the same kind of Pokemon with IV Attack 0 at Lv.100.

For example, your Magikarp with IV ATK 31 will have 31 more ATK than Magikarp IV ATK 0 at Lv.100.

How to check Pokemon’s IV?

There are some methods that Pokemon Rom World will tell you now:

  • Stats Judge (From Pokemon Emerald)

It is an NPC character in the games who is able to read the individual values ​​(IVs) of a selected Pokemon and determine the range of values ​​the IVs fall into. It is able to tell you if your Pokemon’s maximum sum of IVs is good or weak. Introduced in Generation III, these characters are usually located in an in-game battle facility.

  • Characteristic (From 4th generation)

Traits are a feature of the Pokemon games, introduced in Generation IV. A Pokemon’s Trait indicates which stat contains a Pokemon’s highest IV. It is displayed on the Pokemon’s profile screen where its nature, encounter date, known place, and flavor preference are shown. A Pokemon’s Trait is determined by the remainder of its highest IV divided by 5 (known as a modulus operation in programming).

  • Pokemon Calculator

A calculator developed by Arty2 for IVs and EVs has been set up, which makes it very easy for players to obtain results for their Pokemon.

Visit: Pokemon Calculator

What is EV in Pokemon?

What is the difference between Pokemon EV and IV stats? EVs are hidden parameters that improve Base Point, commonly known as Effort Values (EVs). These points are given to your Pokemon which will sharply increase its attributes/stats (Atk, Def, SpAtk, etc ). Adjusting EVs is one of the main ways you change your Pokemon’s stats.

Pokemon EV
EVs are shown in Light yellow in the histogram.

If you already understand what IV Pokemon are and why they don’t change, EVs are parameters that you can increase through battles or using items on that Pokemon.

Every 4 EV points will increase Stat by 1. (For example, Magikarp has 4 EV points in ATK, it will increase 1 Stat Attack.)

Example: Every time you beat an annoying Rattata, you gain 1 point of EV in Speed. Every 4 Rattata’s you win, your Pokémon will gain 1 speed point in ATTRIBUTE . Since every 4 points of EVs of the same type make you gain 1 point of the attribute of the same name.

Each Pokemon Stat can only reach a maximum of 252 EVs and each Pokemon can only have a maximum of 510 EVs. Think carefully because you can only max out 252 points for 2 single Stats.

Which Pokemon should I increase the EV stat?

First, to avoid wasting effort, find yourself a Pokemon with a high IV. Because plowing EVs for Pokemon is relatively time-consuming, please limit the plowing until you have a high Pokemon IV and have to plow again.

To find Pokemon with high IV, you can use the following ways:

  • Find Pokemon with bright aura around (Brilliant Aura) in the wild. Those Pokemon will definitely have 3 “Best” IVs and will probably have Egg Move – A skill usually only obtained through Pokemon breeding.
  • If you already own a Pokemon with a high IV and want the perfect Pokemon, use the Pokemon crossbreeding method, combining 2 Pokemon with optimal IV stats to have the next generation with the highest stats.
  • In addition, the Nature of Pokemon also partly affects the stats, high IV but also true Nature, based on the Pokemon hybrid method to find the Perfect Pokemon.

nature pokemon

How to increase the EVs stat?

You can speed up this process of defeating wild Pokemon to get EVs by using items on your Pokemon. Basically, what these items do is give bonus EVs to the Pokémon, in addition to the EVs already received normally. They are:

◓ Power Items

These items help make training EVs much faster. Can be obtained at the Battle Resort, for the price of some Battle Points. When equipped, its effect is:

  • Macho Brace: Doubles the amount of EVs received after a battle, reducing the Pokémon’s Speed ​​by half.
  • Power Weight: Adds +4 EVs to HP, plus normal EVs received in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.
  • Power Bracer: Adds +4 EVs to Attack, plus normal EVs received in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.
  • Power Belt: Adds +4 EVs to Defense, plus normal EVs gained in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.
  • Power Lens:Adds +4 EVs to Sp. Attack, plus the normal EVs gained in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.
  • Power Band: Adds +4 EVs to Sp. Defense, plus the normal EVs gained in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.
  • Power Anklet: Adds +4 EVs to Speed, plus normal EVs gained in battle, halving the Pokémon’s Speed.

◓ Vitamins/Vitamins

Vitamins are consumable items, obtained on a daily basis, scattered throughout the region, and can also be purchased at a considerable price in large supermarkets. These items are different from the previous ones, in that they are not equipped, but instead are used on the Pokémon, adding +10 to the corresponding stat. This would be simple, if these items stopped having effect from the moment the Pokémon has 100 EVs in the corresponding stat. Therefore, when used on a Pokémon whose stat has more than 100 EVs, it will no longer have an effect, and from then on, other methods will have to be used.

  • HP Up : Adds +10 HP EVs
  • Protein : Adds +10 Attack EVs
  • Iron : Adds +10 Defense EVs
  • Calcium : Adds +10 Special Attack EVs
  • Zinc : Adds +10 Special Defense EVs
  • Carbos : Adds +10 Speed ​​EVs

◓ Feathers/Wings

Wings can be obtained in Super Training, in certain training regimes. These items are used to hit EVs, for example, the 4 EVs that are left when training the 252 in each stat. However, these items do not have the limit of 100 EVs that Vitamins have, so they can be used up to 252 EVs.

  • Health Wing : Adds +1 HP EV
  • Muscle Wing : Adds +1 Attack EV
  • Resist Wing : Adds +1 Defense EV
  • Genius Wing : Adds +1 Special Attack EV
  • Clever Wing : Adds +1 Special Defense EV
  • Swift Wing : Adds +1 Speed ​​EV

◓ PokéRus

PokéRus is a benign disease of the Pokémon world, much explored in the games, which doubles the EVs gained by a Pokémon in battle. It is passed from Pokémon to Pokémon in two ways: Either by a contact attack, like Tackle and Dragon Claw, for example, or by an infected Pokémon being on the same field as the rest.

Contrary to appearances, this disease is not contagious forever. It has an infection period, which is indicated with a purple banner. After that period, which is three real days, the banner changes to a round symbol, indicating that the disease remains and its effects also remain BUT the Pokémon will not be able to infect any other Pokémon.

This disease is easily obtained by WonderTrade, as players tend to send Pokémon with this very useful disease there so that it can be passed on to more people.

PokéRus is only applied in battles (It has no effect on item consumption) and its doubling effect always comes last in x2 calculations.

◓ Super Training

Super Training is a place where you can increase a Pokémon’s EVs through games. Basically, these games have 6 categories, one for each respective stat: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. Each stat has three different training levels, with different difficulties; each giving different numbers of EVs: Lv. 1 gives 4 EVs in the respective stat, the Lv. 2 gives 8 EVs and Lv. 3 gives 12 EVs.

These trainings also give rewards, and using Super Training with a Pokémon with maximum EVs unlocks a “secret” level, with very useful rewards.

◓ Increase EVs stat for Pokemon through fighting

When you kill or capture a certain Pokemon, your Pokemon will get 1 – 3 EV points for a certain stat.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Exp.Share is used to share experience points for all Pokemon in the squad while also sharing EV points.

Because Exp.Share can’t be turned off, if you want to plow EV points for a certain Pokemon, gather the Pokemon that you plan to also plow that point into 1 time and move the Pokemon you don’t want to plow into the Poke Box to avoid.

To find out what EV points the Pokemon you are about to defeat will give you, you can refer to the Serebii site. The extremely detailed information of each Pokemon is fully available on Serebii, Effort Values Earned is the EV point you will receive.

How do IVs and EVs affect Pokemon?

Once you know what EV and IV Pokemon are, the next step is to apply them to the game!

Pokemon in the wild have relatively low stats, so when fighting you won’t be affected too much if your Pokemon’s IV and EV are low.

But with competitive matches between players such as rankings, tournaments or simply competition between friends, IV, EV is one of the factors that greatly affect the outcome of the match.

A Pokemon with a high IV EV Def will withstand better than a low Pokemon, and a Pokemon with a high IV EV Speed will gain the first strike advantage. Each of these factors will help you gain an advantage or be put at a disadvantage.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the concept of Pokemon stats. Make good use of each of the advantages of Pokemon to become the best Trainer!


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