Pokemon Revelation

Looking for a fresh and exciting Pokemon adventure? Look no further than Pokemon Revelation! This GBA ROM hack, created by RichterSnipes, is based on Pokemon Emerald and features a brand new storyline, new characters, and new challenges to overcome. With updated graphics and gameplay mechanics, Pokemon Revelation offers a refreshing take on the classic Pokemon experience. So what are you waiting for? Download Pokemon Revelation for free on Pokemonromworld.com and start your journey today!
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What's new

Pokemon Revelation comes jam-packed with a ton of features. As a decomp hack, more advanced features and techniques are possible, and the author has taken good advantage of that!


Revelation one-ups Throwback and meets the expectations of many hack players: All 386 Pokémon from the first three generations can be obtained in this hack. As overwhelming as that may sound, this hack makes everything feel natural. Here’s how:

  • Time-of-day-based encounters
  • New Pokémon in Emerald-exclusive maps
  • Mass outbreak expansion and overhaul
  • Simulated trade for trade evolutions
  • In-game trade additions and changes
  • New events
  • Access to all event tickets
  • Roaming expansion
  • Game Corner prizes
  • Trainer Hill prizes
  • Altering Cave overhaul
  • Fossils from breakable rocks in Desert Underpass
  • Receive all three Johto starters for reaching specific milestones


A cavalcade of improvements have been introduced for obtaining items, as well as using and managing them.

  • The Bag is expanded. Now you can carry every item in the game at once! You can also carry up to 999 of a single item.
  • Items are sorted into nine different Pockets for better organization, with each new Pocket being based on ones from the official games.
  • Items within a Pocket can be sorted through several different means by pressing the Start button.
  • The functions of both the Mach and Acro Bikes are built into one item (the Bicycle), and you can switch gears at any time while riding it by pressing the R button.
  • You can register multiple items at once. If multiple items are registered, you can select which one to use from a menu when pressing the Select button.
  • Medicine and Rare Candy can be used repeatedly without leaving the Pokémon menu.
  • The game will prompt you to use another Repel after the effect of the previous one wears off.

As for getting these items…

  • Just about every item, as well as every decoration and legal Berry, can be obtained repeatedly.
  • Additional item prizes are available at the Battle Frontier Exchange Service Corner, and prices have been slashed across the board.
  • Poké Mart inventories update based on Badge count. Items exclusive to specific Marts are sold by a second vendor.
  • Pokémon wild held items have been expanded greatly. Look at the accompanying document for more information.
  • The Pickup table has been expanded.
  • Breakable rocks can leave behind valuable items. The specific items found depend on your location.


The usage and obtaining of various moves have been improved greatly, HM or otherwise:

  • TMs are infinitely reusable, and all standard Move Tutors will teach your Pokémon their moves an unlimited number of times.
  • Battle Frontier Move Tutor prices have been significantly slashed, and all general tutor moves exclusive to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness have been added.
  • The Physical/Special/Status split can be optionally enabled thanks to moves now having assigned categories. Press the Select button on a Pokémon’s summary screen Battle Moves page with the split enabled if you need a refresher.
  • Moves learned through leveling up and tutoring that are exclusive to FireRed and LeafGreen have been inserted into the level-up learnsets of all applicable Pokémon. Moves learned per level for these Pokémon have been slightly adjusted to account for this.
  • HMs can be used by wild Pokémon without being taught, and they can be forgotten normally if taught. Animations for wild Pokémon using HMs are faster than normal.
  • You can use Fly from the PokéNav map screen, and you can fly to almost any location in the game.
  • Cut trees and smashed rocks that block paths remain gone once removed. Boulder puzzles also remain solved once completed and progressed past.
  • The default Flash radius is slightly larger, and using Flash will illuminate the entire cave it’s used in.


  • Decapitalization: All text is properly decapitalized the text in the game. Menu items and moments of actual shouting are left capitalized.
  • R/S Changes: Various elements of the game’s opening section have been reverted to how they are in all other Hoenn games. The same goes for the end of the game.
  • Running Free: You start the game with the Running Shoes, can run indoors, and can toggle between automatically walking and running with the R button.
  • Faster Text: Text speeds have been increased all around, with the new Fast speed rendering text twice as fast as the vanilla version’s fastest speed.
  • Additional Speed-Ups: Battle transitions are sped up by 50%, the HP bar drains more quickly, fleeing from battle takes less time, using Pokémon Centers is a much faster process, Berry picking is sped up, and the game saves quicker.
  • EV Training: Altering Cave transforms per day into a different layout, with a different wild Pokémon available suitable for EV training and corresponding vitamin in an item ball that respawns daily. EVs are capped at 252 per stat, and vitamins can be used to max out the EVs for their given stat.
  • Battle Difficulty: Easy mode enables the modern-day Exp. Share system, Hard mode disables Badge boosts and switching.
  • No Bzzt: The low health sound effect only plays four times instead of repeatedly, and poison no longer affects your Pokémon in the overworld outside of battle facilities. It’s still enabled in the Battle Pyramid and Battle Pike, as well as during Trainer Hill challenges.
  • Less Money Lost: Blacking out in battle will only cause you to lose a fraction of your Poké Dollars based on how many Badges you have.
  • Catching Enhancements: Sleep and freeze increase catch rate by 2.5x, most Balls have their catch rates boosted to match modern games, and catching Pokémon will still net you experience.
  • Overworld Ability Improvements: Additional field effects that various Abilities gain in later generations have been backported.
  • Lucky Charms: The Oval and Shiny Charms have been added to the game, obtainable through the same means as in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Breeding Enhancements: Nature and move inheritance has been improved to modern standards, and the Masuda method of shiny breeding has been implemented.
  • More Options: Change the game’s font, choose your preferred measurement units, and toggle random overworld Match Calls.
  • Box Mode Order: Deposit Pokémon is now the top option. It can be switched to Move Pokémon by speaking to Lanette.
  • Improved Reflection Palettes: The palettes used for reflections are automatically calculated to be highly accurate as opposed to using faulty pre-defined palettes.
  • Higher Quality Cries: Higher-quality WAV files for the cries of Kanto and Johto Pokémon have been inserted. They’re sampled at 13379Hz, the default sampling rate for the GBA Pokémon games.
  • Terminology: Terminology for various aspects of the game (Nature, Ability, Trainer classes, moves, etc.) have been updated to modern-day standards.
  • Fixes: Most notable vanilla glitches and oversights, as well as various graphical oddities, have been fixed.

And much, much more! The complete list of changes can be found by clicking here.


If you’re a fan of the classic Pokémon games and looking for a new adventure with some added conveniences, look no further than Pokémon Revelation! This hack of Pokémon Emerald aims to keep the same look and feel of the original game while adding in quality of life features from more recent releases.

While there are plenty of other hacks out there with fancier visuals or more complicated gameplay mechanics, Pokémon Revelation stands out for its commitment to staying true to the original game. You’ll find new features that seamlessly blend in with the existing ones, and all of the game’s text and events have been modified to match the tone and intent of Emerald and the official games.

Of course, a good Pokémon game isn’t just about the gameplay – it’s also about the story. While Pokémon Revelation doesn’t change the plot of Emerald too much, there is one small alteration that you’ll have to discover for yourself. But whether you’re a new player or a veteran of the franchise, Pokémon Revelation is sure to provide an exciting and nostalgic adventure through the world of Pokémon. So why not give it a try and see for yourself what all the fuss is about?



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