Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer

Hey there! If you're a fan of Pokemon White 2 and are looking for something new and exciting, you should definitely check out Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer! This NDS ROM Hack offers a unique experience with randomized Pokemon encounters, abilities, and much more. It's a fresh take on the classic game that you know and love. And the best part? You can download it for free on Pokemon Rom World! The rom was last updated on July 29, 2022, so you can be sure you're getting the most recent version.
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What's new

Wild Pokemon Trainer’s parties Pokemon Types/Moves/Abilities Pokemon Evolutions
  • Wild Pokemon have been adjusted to provide a better balance of difficulty and catchability.
  • Trainer's parties have been updated to make battles more challenging and strategic.
  • Pokemon types, moves, and abilities have been rebalanced to make the game more fair and fun.
  • Pokemon evolutions have been changed to make them more accessible and intuitive for players.


Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer takes the original game and adds a twist of randomness to it, but the core storyline and gameplay remain the same. Taking place two years after the events of Pokemon White, players will once again journey through the region of Unova, discovering new locations and facing new challenges.

The southwest and northeast areas of Unova are now open for exploration, while some previously accessible locations may be closed or have restrictions until later in the game. Three new Gym Leaders and a new Champion have been added, making for even tougher battles. And, just like in Pokemon Platinum, the Unova Pokedex has expanded to include Pokemon from other regions.

But the real excitement of Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer lies in the randomization. You never know what Pokemon you’ll encounter in the wild or what moves they’ll have. Trainers you face could have completely different teams than in the original game, and their Pokemon could be at much higher levels. It adds a level of unpredictability and excitement to the game, making each playthrough a unique experience.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon White 2 and want to experience the game in a whole new way, try out Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer. It’s the same game you know and love, but with a fun and challenging twist.



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