Pokemon Violet

Alpha v2.0.3
Are you a fan of Pokemon Fire Red looking for a new adventure? Look no further than Pokemon Violet, the fantastic GBA ROM hack by WodkaRHR! With a fresh storyline, new characters, and plenty of twists and turns, this hack is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Best of all, you can download it for free on Pokemonromworld.com. As of May 1, 2022, the hack has been updated with even more exciting features to make your gameplay experience even better. So don't hesitate - head to Pokemonromworld.com now and start your journey in Pokemon Violet!
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Alpha v2.0.3
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ROM Information

  • Creator: WodkaRHR
  • Version: Alpha v2.0.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: May 1, 2022
  • Language: German

What's new

  • Discover hidden abilities for your Pokemon!
  • Enjoy an increased chance of finding shiny Pokemon!
  • TMs now persist after use, so you can use them again and again.
  • Mega Evolution and Kaiserformen have been added for even more powerful battles.
  • Say goodbye to Pokemon swap and hello to the Link Cable system!
  • Experience the physical/special split according to generation 4 and higher, for more balanced gameplay.
  • Enjoy Turbo Treads right from the start, and use them even indoors!
  • Get access to items, abilities, Pokemon, and moves from Generation 4, 5, and 6, for even more variety and excitement in battles.


The tale of the boy and his Pokémon journey in Theto is an epic one, filled with highs and lows, triumphs and heartbreaks. As he sets out on his journey, he quickly realizes that the world he had imagined is not quite what it seems. The corruption and oppression of Team Violet loom over the land, casting a dark shadow over everything and everyone.

Despite the odds stacked against him, the boy is determined to make a difference. Along his journey, he meets a variety of people and Pokémon, each with their own stories and struggles. He forms strong bonds with his Pokémon team, relying on their unique abilities and strengths to help him face the challenges ahead.

As he delves deeper into the world of Pokémon battles and the criminal underworld, the boy must make difficult decisions and sacrifices. He is forced to confront the reality that sometimes, in order to fight for what is right, he must put his own desires aside. With every victory against Team Violet, the boy and his team grow stronger, but so too does the resolve of their enemies.

As the conflict between good and evil reaches its climax, the boy and his Pokémon team must face their toughest challenge yet. In a final battle that will determine the fate of Theto, they must draw on all their skills and courage to defeat Team Violet once and for all. With the future of the region hanging in the balance, the boy must prove that he is a true hero, willing to fight for what is right no matter the cost.



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