Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex

Certainly! Here's a slightly different version: Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex is a fan-made ROM hack based on Pokemon Fire Red. It features new gameplay mechanics, a new storyline, and over 150 new Pokemon to discover. You can download it for free on Pokemonromworld.com, with the latest version having been released on June 19th, 2022.
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What's new

  • Added new Pokémon from Deneb and Procyon, including the Demini line and Sparklad line
  • Yuyumuff and Yuyudamé added as the evolved forms of Pukuhamu
  • Switza's evolution Puribonbon also added
  • Almost all Pokémon have new sprites from Deneb and Procyon, with touch-ups to old sprites
  • Fairy type and new Fairy moves from Procyon and Deneb have been added, with balance changes to prevent it from being too overpowered
  • New snow tiles have been added for a winter-themed environment
  • Players no longer need the national dex to evolve certain Pokémon
  • Battle backgrounds from Procyon and Deneb have been added with edits to match the new snow tiles.


Are you ready for a new adventure in the Vega region? Well, you’re in luck because the Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex Rom hack is here to add an exciting twist to the classic game!

Based on the original Pokemon Vega game, this hack introduces the Fairy type to the region, making battles even more challenging and unpredictable. You’ll encounter familiar faces from the original game, as well as some new Pokemon from Pokemon Deneb and Pokemon Procyon.

The game’s graphics have also been enhanced to give it a more modern look and feel, and the gameplay has been tweaked to create a more balanced and enjoyable experience. You’ll find yourself facing tougher gym leaders and trainers, but with the addition of the Fairy type, you’ll have new strategies and moves at your disposal.

Overall, Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex Rom hack is a must-play for fans of the original game who want to try something new and exciting. So why not dive in and see what surprises await you in the Vega region?

Minor Changes

  • Two new Dark/Fairy Pokemon, Cheshile and Cheshess, have been added to the game.
  • Sylveon, a popular Fairy-type evolution of Eevee, is now available for players to catch and train.
  • Two new Water/Fairy Pokemon, Sealkie and Selody, have been introduced.
  • Two new Ghost/Fairy Pokemon, Aldina and Almaria, have been added to the game.
  • Leader Annette has been replaced by a new Fairy-type Gym Leader named Gwendolyn, along with her Fairy-themed gym.
  • A new trainer class, Fairy Girl, has been added to various areas in the Tohoak region.
  • The English names for certain Pokemon have been updated for consistency with previous and future games.



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