Pokemon Rocket Red Verse

Pokemon Rocket Red Verse / Pokemon Gameplay is a fun and exciting GBA ROM Hack by Android Invitados, based on the classic Pokemon Fire Red game. The game features a new story and gameplay mechanics that will keep you engaged for hours. Plus, it's available in Spanish, so Spanish-speaking fans of the franchise can enjoy it too. And the best part? You can download this ROM for free on Pokemon Rom World. The game was last updated on July 24, 2022, so it's the latest version.
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What's new

  • Mega Evolution
  • Red As Rocket
  • Dark Storyline
  • Stealing Pokemon
  • & Much More!


What if Trainer Red had accepted the offer at Route 24 and joined Team Rocket? As an Elite ranked member of the notorious organization, you are tasked with starting from the very bottom and working your way up through the ranks.

You will face all the same challenges that ordinary grunts face, and you’ll have to work hard to earn the trust of your superiors. But with your skills as a trainer, you’re confident that you can make your way to the top.

As you start your journey, you find yourself battling other grunts and collecting valuable information for your superiors. You start to gain their trust and work your way up the ranks.

But as you climb higher and higher, you begin to question the morality of what you’re doing. You remember the values and principles that Red stood for and start to wonder if you’re on the wrong side.

Will you continue to climb the ranks of Team Rocket, or will you find a way to break away and stand for what’s right? The decision is yours to make.



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