Pokemon Platinum Redux

Get ready to experience Pokemon Platinum in a whole new way with Pokemon Platinum Redux, an amazing NDS ROM hack by Henry Van Patten! With new features and improvements, this ROM hack breathes new life into the beloved classic. You'll explore new areas and encounter new Pokemon, as well as face tougher battles with challenging AI. And the best part? You can download it for free on Pokemonromworld.com! Don't miss out on the opportunity to rediscover the magic of Pokemon Platinum. Download Pokemon Platinum Redux today!
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August 9, 2022
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What's new

Wow, those are some interesting changes to Platinum Redux! Here's a summary:

  • Hardcore mode with 31 IVs for enemy and trainer Pokemon and immunities changed to resistances.
  • 3 new encounter areas: Mt. Coronet d, Ice Room, and Steel Room.
  • Galactic Admins now have full teams of 6.
  • Choice Band and Choice Specs now increase Atk and SpAtk by 35% instead of 50%.
  • Jasmine in Twinleaf Town gives you an egg that can hatch into one of 17 different Pokemon at random, at least one of each type.
  • Many moves are slightly changed, including Dream Eater becoming a Dark type draining move with 75 power and 90% accuracy, no longer requiring the target to be asleep.


Platinum Redux is a difficult rom hack of Platinum. The changes listed below aim to provide a more challenging Platinum experience focused on team building and battling. The rom currently has a roster of 359 Pokémon.

  • Difference between Platinum Redux and Renegade Platinum

Renegade Platinum is one of the best and most polished Pokémon ROM-Hacks. Every Platinum ROM-Hack will inadvertently be compared to Renegade Platinum. Platinum Redux has a lot of things like quality of life changes in common with Renegade Platinum but there are also massive differences. The Pokémon and move changes are more extreme in Platinum Redux. Therefore, the ROM hack is less like the mainline Pokémon games. There are also a lot of regional forms in Platinum Redux with changed typings.

Furthermore, every single Pokémon has adjusted stats, abilities, or learn sets. Players new to Platinum Redux will be constantly surprised by different Pokémon forms, new moves, and changed abilities. For anyone who doesn´t like being surprised, there is the documentation for every change. If you want to play a game more similar to mainline Pokémon games, Platinum Redux is sadly not the ROM-Hack you are looking for.

  • Make every fully evolved Pokémon viable until late game

I really dislike that in mainline Pokémon games some Pokémon are straight-up useless later in the game. To ensure that every fully evolved Pokémon is useful up until the champion fight, most Pokémon got some sizable buffs to stats, moves, or abilities. On the other hand, some Pokémon (mostly legendaries) have received slight nerfs.

Legendaries have, however, still the highest base stats. There is no way to perfectly balance hundreds of Pokémon but in Platinum Redux every Pokémon should be useful throughout the whole game. All stats, typings, abilities, learnsets, and much more can be found in the documentation.

  • All fully evolved Pokémon have a unique niche/purpose

To ensure that no two Pokémon have the exact same purpose, there are no fully evolved monotype Pokémon in Platinum Redux. All fully evolved monotype Pokémon in Platinum received a regional form with additional typing. Some dual types also received a type change. All Pokémon with changed typings have an adjusted color palette that indicates the type change. Around 50% of fully evolved Pokémon have regional forms so there will be a lot of surprises if you play blind.

Every type of combination is distributed at least once. It is very difficult for every Pokémon to have a niche if many Pokémon with the same (mono)typing exist; with these regional forms, every Pokémon is unique. Some of the regional forms are very obvious (Bug/Dragon Flygon), some are more unique (Dark/Psycho Absol) and some are very experimental (Gras/Water Venusaur; it is a toad right?).

f you are just looking through the documentation and ask yourself how on earth Beautifly is a Bug/Ice type, remember that the sprites have different colors that reflect the type changes.

  • Increased but fair difficulty

There are no EVs in Platinum Redux. This increases difficulty but also reduces tedious grinding. Every trainer has champion-level AI, better movesets, held items, and more trainers are unavoidable. Platinum Redux is not supposed to be a super difficult hack (such as Radical Red or the Kaizo games). That’s why all trainer Pokémon have 16 IVs in all stats (31 in the Kaizo game for comparison), so they should on average be as strong as your Pokémon.

Some changes also decrease difficulty a bit, such as infinite TMs and early access to powerful battle items. In summary, Platinum Redux will be a lot more challenging than the mainline Pokémon games but not as hard as ROM-Hacks designed to be super difficult.

  • Catch ‘Em All

Every single Pokémon is catchable somewhere in tall grass. Easy as that. You will find Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, and even Mew somewhere.



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