Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 is a GBA ROM Hack by fz15 based on Pokemon Fire Red. And now you can download this rom for free on Pokemon Rom World. It was last updated on September 3, 2022.
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What's new

  • Just like its prequel, this game also has more than 50 different kinds of catchable girls and about 10 kinds of Pokemorph girls.
  • Kinav region is the new region of this hack.
  • One bad end, which is more like a short game.
  • 7/6/2022 update added the move relearner in Teal City.
  • 8/6/2022 update fixed a potential glitch that may make the Battle Tower inaccessible, and the bug which may make the final battle in the bad end unable to be finished after you lost once should be fixed as well.
  • 9/6/2022 update fixed a glitch that may softlock you in Cornislk Gym, update the rom if you’re already trapped, talking to the guy blocking the way should fix it.
  • 12/6 fixed a minor graphic glitch.
  • 13/6 fixed a glitch that may make a girl evolve into something else and make you lose this girl for good.
  • 3/9 fixed some dialogue glitches.
  • The game was updated to fix some minor glitches found these days.
  • And also, a new girl was added to this game. She can be found in the Slave Market.
  • The hotfix added an obtainable Amulet Coin behind a house of Plainland Town, which can only be accessed with Surf


Pokemon Girls hunter 3 is an 18+ GBA ROM Hack and similar to its prequel, you catch girls instead of pokemon… It has a new region, a new story, 50 catchable girls & 10 kinds of pokemorphed girls.

Norelia, an orphan who was adopted along with a girl called Aubree, decided to work for the kingdom after Fradia, the soldier who adopted them went missing. They worked under Lomie, one of the generals of the kingdom. But Lomie was manipulative and did not give them good Pokemon, they were only given weak ones like Rattata and Zubat so that she can always keep the girls in control, But Norelia’s ambition cannot be held back so easily…



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