Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the Sinnoh region with your favorite Pokemon by your side in Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum! This NDS ROM hack by Henry Van Patten brings a new level of adventure to Pokemon Platinum, allowing you to explore the region with your Pokemon outside of their Pokeballs. And the best part? It's available for free download on PokemonRomWorld.com. With its most recent update on August 23, 2022, now is the perfect time to experience this thrilling adventure and discover all that the Sinnoh region has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Download Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum today and start your epic journey with your trusty Pokemon companions!
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What's new

  • Following Pokemon (NEW): Your favorite Pokemon can now follow you around everywhere you go, just like in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • All 493 Pokémon Available: You can now catch and train every Pokemon from the first four generations of the game.
  • Revamped Trainer Battles: Trainer battles have been improved to be more challenging and strategic than ever before.
  • Harder Boss Battles: Gym Leaders and Elite Four members have been given new Pokemon and strategies to make their battles more difficult.
  • Fairy Type Added: The new Fairy type has been added to the game, with all the Pokemon from previous generations updated to match.
  • Increased Shiny Rate (1/8192 -> 1/512): The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon has been significantly increased to make the hunt for rare Pokemon more exciting.
  • Increased Gameplay Speed: The game can now be played at a faster pace, so you can progress through the story more quickly.
  • New Special Events and NPCs: The game now features new events and non-playable characters to enhance your gaming experience.
  • In-game Trades Changed: Some of the in-game trades have been changed to give you access to different Pokemon.
  • Some TMs Have Changed: A few TMs have been updated to include new moves and abilities.
  • Basic Stats Updated to Sun/Moon: The basic stats of Pokemon have been updated to match the newer games in the series.
  • No More Trade Evolutions. (They Evolve by Leveling Up): Pokemon that previously required a trade to evolve can now evolve by leveling up.
  • All Wild & Trainer Pokemon Have Been Changed: All Pokemon found in the wild and used by trainers have been updated to provide a fresh and exciting challenge.


Introducing the mysterious and intriguing Pokemon Fission One Hall Rom! This unique ROM hack brings together the best features of two beloved games: Pokemon Light Platinum and Pokemon Hyper Emerald.

Not only does Fission One Hall Rom combine the graphic elements and events of Light Platinum with the competitive system and new mechanics of Hyper Emerald, but it also features a brand new region with a captivating storyline and a plethora of fakemon to discover.

As you embark on your journey, you’ll encounter animated events and challenging battles that will put your skills to the test. Get ready to experience the thrill of mega evolutions, z-moves, Dynamax, and Gigamax forms as you explore this exciting new world.

But that’s not all! Thanks to a dedicated ROM hacker, Fission One Hall Rom also includes the Walking Pokemon feature from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, allowing you to walk side by side with your favorite Pokemon as you travel through the region.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original games or new to the series, Pokemon Fission One Hall Rom is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • (23/8/2022 4:10 PM EST) v2.0 – Bug fix for the Aaron fight before Hearthome City—previously the game would crash if you lost the Aaron fight because you would have no pokemon alive during the scene afterward (usually Aaron heals you after the fight and you can’t try again), which is a case that isn’t handled by the original Following Platinum hack. I’ve changed this so you now wipe out if you lose the fight, working around this. The same fix has been applied to battleground and type masters. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out! Also, the obedience issue fix has been incorporated.
  • (17/1/2022 8:40 PM EST) v1.8 – Pokemart fixes for Veilstone Dpt. Store, Snowpoint City vendor, and Veilstone Game Corner. Dazzling Gleam TM coloring fix.
  • (17/1/2022 6:15 PM EST) v1.7 – Workaround for the inconsistent double battle crash. The slide-in animation for your following pokemon has been removed temporarily (the default Pokeball animation is used instead) for this workaround to prioritize playability until the authors of Following Platinum fix the root issue.
  • (17/1/2022 1:35 AM EST) v1.6 – Fixed type chart issues with stealth rock (thank you to u/chromarica for bringing this up). This did involve a risky process of redirecting the type chart, so let me know if there are any issues with type interactions. Also includes a minor fix for item icons.
  • (16/1/2022 1:12 AM EST) v1.4 – fixed the flavor / descriptive text issue when talking to your following Pokemon! Also, framerate unlock has been “fixed”—it has actually been in the game this whole time, but the text for the options screen was accidentally overwritten by Renegade text when I ported it over (thank you to u/Doofguy for pointing this out!). Now the text has been put back, and you may adjust the framerate accordingly in the options menu.
  • (15/1/2022 12:40 PM EST) v1.1 – This fixes a crash when talking to Looker more than once in the Route 213 hotel.



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