Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

Alpha 0.6.4
Looking for a new way to enjoy Pokemon Emerald? Look no further than Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer, also known as Pokemon Quetzal! This GBA ROM hack by TenmaRH is based on Pokemon Emerald and features a multiplayer mode for added fun with friends. The latest version of the game was released on July 28, 2022, and is now available to download for free on Pokemonromworld.com. Join forces with fellow trainers and explore the world of Pokemon in a whole new way!
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Alpha 0.6.4
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What's new

  • Added 7 new playable characters (Elio, Lucas, Rei, Steven, Rocket Grunt, Magma Grunt & Victor) to choose from, providing a fresh experience for players.
  • New quest system that offers more engaging and diverse missions to complete.
  • Updated game AI to make battles more challenging and strategic.
  • Added reworked Hisuian Pokemon sprites, bringing them to life with new animations and details.
  • Bug fixes to improve game stability and performance.
  • Other improvements and features that enhance the overall gameplay experience.


If you’re a fan of the classic Pokemon Emerald, but want to experience the adventure with friends or players from around the world, then Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer is the perfect game for you. This multiplayer version of the game offers a variety of features that allow you to connect and compete with other players, making your Pokemon journey even more exciting.

  • Multiplayer (local and online) support for 1 to 4 people
  • Following Pokemon
  • You can choose between 44 different starters
  • You can choose the number of Pokémon accompanying you (0-6).
  • Choose between 6 playable characters: Brendan, May, Gold, Red, Ash, and Gloria + 7 more characters added in v0.6.4 (Elio, Lucas, Rei, Steven, Rocket Grunt, Magma Grunt & Victor)
  • Individual, double, and multiple combats against other players from anywhere
  • Trades with other players from anywhere
  • Battle in co-op mode (battle together against the other trainers in double battles)
  • Spectator mode: you can watch the game with other players (and fight alongside them)
  • All 1-3 gen pokemon are obtainable without the need to trade with other games (including legendaries)
  • Use HMs outside battle without having to learn them
  • Customizable shiny rate



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