Pokemon Emerald Crest

Looking for a fresh and exciting Pokemon experience? Check out Pokemon Emerald Crest, a GBA ROM Hack by Aaghat that's based on the beloved Pokemon Emerald. This hack features new gameplay mechanics, characters, and areas to explore, all while maintaining the classic Pokemon feel that fans love. And the best part? You can download it for free on Pokemon Rom World! The most recent update was on October 23, 2022, so why not give it a try and see what adventures await in the world of Pokemon Emerald Crest?
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October 23, 2022
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What's new

  • Teleportation Service: This feature allows the player to instantly teleport to previously visited locations on the game map, making traveling across regions easier.
  • Mega Evolutions: Mega Evolution is a temporary evolution that some Pokemon can achieve by holding a specific item. It grants them new stats, abilities, and sometimes a new type. This feature was introduced in Generation 6 and is available in this game.
  • Generation 1-8: All Pokemon from Generation 1 to 8 are available in this game, allowing the player to catch and train their favorite Pokemon from any generation.
  • Dexnav: The Dexnav is a feature that allows the player to easily locate and catch specific Pokemon in the wild by showing information about their location and level.
  • Pokedex Plus: The Pokedex Plus is an expanded version of the Pokedex that includes additional information about each Pokemon, such as their locations, stats, and abilities.
  • Randomizer: The Randomizer is a feature that randomizes various aspects of the game, such as the locations of Pokemon, trainers, items, and wild encounters, creating a unique gameplay experience each time.
  • Nuzlocke mode: Nuzlocke mode is a challenge mode that adds additional rules to the game, such as only being able to catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area and permanently fainting any Pokemon that faints in battle.
  • Mirror Mod/Thief Mod: These mods alter the game mechanics by allowing the player to either duplicate or steal items from other trainers.
  • Auto Run: This feature allows the player to automatically run while holding down a button, reducing the need to repeatedly press a button to move quickly.
  • Primal Forms: Primal Forms are special forms of certain Legendary Pokemon that they can achieve by using a specific item. They have boosted stats and unique abilities.
  • Z-Moves: Z-Moves are powerful moves that can be used once per battle by any Pokemon holding a specific item. Each Z-Move corresponds to a specific type and requires the user to know a move of that type.
  • Shared Experience (Exp. All): Shared Experience is a feature that allows all Pokemon in the party to gain experience points from battle, rather than just the Pokemon that participated in the battle.
  • Reusable TMs: TMs are now reusable, allowing the player to teach a move to multiple Pokemon without having to obtain additional copies of the TM.
  • Alolan Forms: Alolan Forms are special forms of certain Kanto Pokemon that have adapted to the environment of the Alola region, giving them new appearances, types, and abilities.
  • Galarian Forms: Galarian Forms are special forms of certain Pokemon that have adapted to the environment of the Galar region, giving them new appearances, types, and abilities.
  • Chain fishing: Chain fishing is a method of increasing the chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon by fishing in the same spot repeatedly and without interrupting the chain.
  • Chaos Mode: Chaos Mode is a feature that randomizes all aspects of the game, including Pokemon types, moves, abilities, and even trainer classes and names, creating a completely unpredictable gameplay experience.
  • All Moves: All moves from Generations 1-8 are available in this game, allowing the player to teach their Pokemon any move they can learn in the official games.
  • Run indoors: This feature allows the player to run indoors, reducing the amount of time spent walking in buildings and other enclosed areas.
  • Improved battle engine: The battle engine has been improved to include new animations, effects, and mechanics, making battles more exciting and dynamic.
  • Item expansion: This feature expands the number of items available in the


Get ready for a new adventure with Pokemon Emerald Crest! This ROM hack takes the beloved story of Pokemon Emerald and adds exciting new features from later generations of the franchise.

You’ll still follow the classic journey of becoming a Pokemon Champion, but now you’ll have access to a variety of new features such as Mega Evolution, Fairy-type Pokemon, and the ability to catch Pokemon from other regions.

But that’s not all. The game also includes new side quests and challenges to keep you engaged throughout your journey. Explore new areas and battle against powerful trainers as you uncover the secrets of the Emerald Crest.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Pokemon or a newcomer to the franchise, Pokemon Emerald Crest is the perfect way to experience the classic story with a fresh twist. So, grab your Pokeballs and get ready to catch ’em all in this exciting ROM hack!

NOTE: After downloading the ROM, please extract the “.zip” file and rename the txt file (replace .txt with .gba). Sorry for the inconvenience, but this way the links will probably not be taken down.



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